Welcome to J&M Access Vinyl Record Pressing

The home of the world’s most technologically advanced record pressing plant.

Why Choose Us

We are offering the advantage presses designed to press the best sound possible onto records, premium mastering, cutting, electroplating and in house print packaging ensures our industry recognized service, quality and commitment to excellence accompanies your vinyl project from start to finish.

What We Do

12" Records

J&M Access offers 12″ records at 140 grams as our standard weight, as well as heavyweight 180-gram vinyl records.

Print And Packaging​

Our print department is what truly makes Us one stop sours.

Color Vinyl Records

We have you covered for color vinyl, as well as picture discs, splatter vinyl and effect vinyl.

7" Records

7 inch 40 - gram records (also called “45s”) are referred to by their playback speed of 45 rpm and their standard diameter of 7 inches.

Cassette Package Deals

J&M Access offer a fast, competitively priced for any audio cassette project.
Our facilities allow for mastering that brings out the absolute best in your audio.

Some of Our works

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